Who are we?

FORUT is a Norwegian aid organisation that works to contribute to the social mobilisation of the poor and oppressed in their struggle for better living conditions and basic human rights. Through various aid measures, targeted action, creating political awareness and attitude changing activities we hope Improve the lives of those in need.

FORUT’s mission is to create conditions – through mobilisation, facilitation and organisation- under which people, especially women and children, are able to reach their full potential. They should be able to claim their rights and fight poverty, injustice and oppression by democratic and peaceful means. FORUTs goal is to make sure people in need have the tools and the power to change their lives for the better.

FORUT is an abbreviation for the Norwegian words FOR UTVIKLING which translates to FOR DEVELOPMENT. The organisation is owned by the Norwegian peace- and sobriety organisations IOGT, JUVENTE and JUBA.

Where we work

Together with our local partners, we operate and work in six countries in the global south to promote development cooperation. FORUT works with development programmes in Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, Sierra Leone, Malawi and Zambia. FORUT has a framework agreement with NORAD, The Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation, which ensures long-term financing of the programmes and projects in each country.

Our work in development cooperation is divided in three programme areas; 1) Women and gender equality, 2) Children’s rights, and 3) Alcohol as an obstacle to development.

Read more about the work we do in our six countries.

Our Vision

FORUT’s vision is a peaceful, democratic and fair world where everyone is guaranteed human rights and a dignified life, and where alcohol and drugs are not a hindrance to people’s safety and development.

Our Work in Norway

In Norway our work is focused on creating and disseminating knowledge and information, attitude-building- and changing activities and project cooperation. This work is mainly focused on issues concerning north/south matters. Our work is also based on our founding concept.

For more than 25 years FORUT has fought for our vision through campaigning and targeted action with various activities. One of our biggest successes has been our various educational programmes for Norwegian kindergartens and schools.

Annually, 80 000 – 100 000 children participate in our targeted actions that aim to promote understanding and awareness of how children in the global south and other cultures live. An important part of these activities is the creation of solidarity that creates better understanding, commitment and local mobilisation. The Norwegian children engage with the issues at hand and are able to better understand the world.

These activities have been especially well received in kindergartens across the country. When the five- and six year old children start elementary school, these children have already learnt much about children in other countries and are aware of social problems. They have sold tea, various stuffed animals and other products made in our partner countries in the global south to their parents, grandparents and other family members to help create a better world for the kids they learn about in kindergarten.

For more information on our activities in Norwegian kindergartens and schools, see FORUT Barneaksjonen and FORUT Skoleløpet.

In 2016, FORUT received funding from NORAD for the information project “Oil against development”, a political campaign focused on the investments that Norway’s Sovereign Wealth Fund capitalize in the international alcohol industry. The long-term goal of the project is to get the fund to withdraw its investments from this industry in a similar manner to 2009 when the fund divested from the tobacco industry.

FORUT believes that investments in a product that creates major health risks and social problems around the world are unethical. This is especially the case when the industry that is being invested in uses unethical methods to promote the products and sees developing countries as new promising markets for increased profits, and do not consider ways alcohol is an obstacle to development. FORUT believes this does not match Norway’s ambition for a good and coherent development policy.

Alcohol, Drugs and Development, ADD, Our international programme for preventive work

Through the international project ADD, FORUT is making an international name for itself as an aid organisation specialising in issues surrounding abuse and alcohol as an obstacle to development.

One of the key objectives of the programme is to acquire knowledge and information on the role of alcohol and other drugs in FORUT’s partner countries, the extent to which they are used on local and national levels, and the cultural and historical context in which they are used. The knowledge and competence that our partners in the global south gain through this work provide the basis for good and relevant models for preventive work that can be implemented in various settings and are being continuously developed. Read more here.

Contact Us

FORUTs headquarters:

FORUT, Solidaritetsaksjon for Utvikling
Boks 300, 2803 Gjøvik

Visiting Address: Roald Amundsens Vei 1b, 2803 Gjøvik, Norway

Phone: +47 61187400
Fax: +47 61187401
Email: forut@forut.no

Regional Office:

Visiting address: Torggata 1, 0181 Oslo, Norway
Fax: +47 41622135