«Alcohol: Health Risk and Development Issue»

Alcohol constitutes a double-sided problem in the developing world: on one hand, drinking is in many places a severe and additional burden to the poor and underprivileged, and on the other hand, we also see that new drinking habits, increasing consumption levels, and rising problems occur among a growing middle class in a number of countries.

This is the starting point of a chapter on alcohol as a health and development issue published in the recent volum on Health Capital and Sustainable Socioeconomic Development.

Health Capital and Sustainable Socioeconomic Development highlights mounting evidence of the strong relationship between human capital and socioeconomic development and poses management strategies from international and interdisciplinary sources. 

In chapter four, Alcohol: Health Risk and Development Issue Øystein Bakke poses the question if alcohol consumption and problems are just part of the framework of conditions within which development activities have to work, or are these patterns part of what development can and needs to change. It looks at how alcohol as a health risk is reflected in the global Burden of Disease and analyzes the additional burden alcohol represents in the context of  gender, children and young people and economic issues relevant to developing societies. It identifies some driving forces for harm and outlines policy interventions for health and development. Author of the chapter, Øystein Bakke, is the project manager of FORUT’s Alcohol, Drugs and Development  project.

With a fresh perspective, scholars and practitioners in the health and sustainable development fields address such issues as healthcare and education, funding for healthcare services, and the impact of legal and political policies on healthcare needs. The 22 contributions are divided into three sections, and the volume begins by examining social and cultural issues including HIV/AIDS and alcohol. Part II delves into economic considerations as they pertain to western healthcare systems and low-income countries. The book concludes with a thorough analysis of legal and political ramifications.

The recent book edited by Patricia A. Cholewka and Mitra M. Motlagh on Health Capital and Sustainable Socioeconomic Development features a chapter on Alcohol as a health risk and development issue. The book is published by the Taylor & Francis company CRC press.

Health Captial and Sustainable Socioeconomic Development may be ordered directly from CRC press

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