Whistleblowing – how to report on corruption, illegalities and irregularities

FORUT encourages the reporting of any corrupt, illegal, unethical, wasteful or discriminatory activities that may have taken place in FORUT-supported projects.

The whistleblower’s identity is confidential.

Any misconduct should be exposed, and without delay. All such reporting will be handled confidentially. A whistleblower has the right to remain anonymous, and FORUT makes the commitment to preserve the anonymity of whistleblowers. Whistleblowers who identify themselves to us will receive confirmation that their report has been received. More importantly, if you give us your name and contact information it will help us to clarify matters as we then would be able to ask you follow-up questions. We hope you will do so, bearing in mind that completely anonymous reports are more difficult to get to the bottom of, and carry less weight.

How to report

If you suspect that any illegal, corrupt or unethical activities have taken place in projects supported by FORUT, please send us notification of this.  

FORUT Head Office

Secretary General:
Ida Oleanna Hagen, email: ida@forut.no
Phone: + 47 – 61 18 74 00 or + 47 992 47 320
Postal address: FORUT, Postboks 300, 2803 Gjøvik, Norway.

International Programme Director:
Ståle Stavrum, email: staale@forut.no
Phone: + 47 – 61 18 74 07
Postal address: FORUT, Postboks 300, 2803 Gjøvik, Norway.

FORUT will assess the report and discuss it with Norad’s Counter Fraud Unit. It will then be decided how it should be followed up further.

Alternatively, you may report directly to one of the following:


Norad’s Whistleblowing channel for financial irregularities, email: varsling@norad.no

If you wish to report through this channel, please use Norad’s report form for whistleblowing.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

In case you wish to report on financial irregularities in connection with grants from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Norway’s embassies abroad, please go to Whistleblowing in the Foreign Service.

Law firm

Norad has also established a separate reporting channel you could use. It is operated by the law firm Wiersholm AS. This channel gives employees and anyone else a simple, risk-free way to report on corruption.

You may choose to be completely anonymous, as Wiersholm’s notification form allows you to send your concerns and documentation anonymously.

You can also reach Wiersholm through one of these channels:

  • Telephone: + 47 – 21 02 10 00
  • Email: dep@wiersholm.no, mark the e-mail “Confidential notice”
  • Postal mail: Mark the envelope “Confidential notice” and send it to
    Wiersholm v/avdeling for Granskning og Compliance, Postboks 1400 Vika, 0115 Oslo, Norway