Record agreement for FORUT

FORUT has signed a new framework agreement with Norad worth over 200 million NOK. FORUT will use the money to make the world safer for children.

The new framework agreement, which spans five years, represents a 31% increase in support from the previous one. It is the largest agreement in FORUT’s history.

Locally-led development 

«The new agreement allows FORUT to increase efforts to make children safer in our partner countries. We will continue to fight poverty and injustice,» says FORUT’s Secretary-General, Ida Oleanna Hagen.

The Norwegian aid organisation is based in Gjøvik, and works through partner organisations in Asia, Africa and Latin America. These mobilise civil society and local communities to claim their rights and are strong voices in their countries for human rights and policies that promote public health. FORUT also has a leading voice in global alcohol policy through key roles in global and regional networks.

«That we once again receive Norad’s trust is a great recognition of FORUT’s work. Our skilled employees in the programme department and in our partner organisations have put in enormous effort over a long period of time to secure this agreement. I want to say a big thank you to everyone who has contributed,» says Hagen.

Mayetteh (10) is Safer 

Sierra Leone in West Africa is one of the world’s poorest countries — and one of FORUT’s six partner countries. In the village of Yainkessa, ten-year-old Mayetteh lives with her aunt, Kadiatu.

Here, FORUT has ensured that the population has access to healthcare services, safe schooling, healthy food, and a secure family economy. A savings and loans group means that Kadiatu has money for the children’s education, food cultivation, and family income. The group also takes responsibility for helping children and the most marginalised families in the village community.

Mayetteh’s school had no toilets, and the children are afraid to use the forest, as there are snakes and other dangers there. This led to many girls dropping out of school. FORUT, with support from Norwegian aid funds, has built a new toilet at the school.

This is how FORUT works to build small welfare facilities that provide safety and development for children. This is done through good cooperation with local partner organisations and authorities.

Strengthening Civil Society and Health Systems 

Norad is the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation and manages a large part of the national budget for development assistance. Director of Norad’s Department for Human Rights and Welfare, Lisa Sivertsen, says that FORUT submitted a good application for continued cooperation.

«We consider FORUT to be a solid organisation that, together with local partner organisations, has delivered good results over a long period of time, especially in areas such as substance abuse and mental health. An important goal for Norway and Norwegian aid is to help strengthen national health systems in low- and middle-income countries. To achieve this goal, FORUT is an important contributor,» says Sivertsen.

Development Minister Anne Beathe Kristiansen Tvinnereim (Sp) is pleased with the new agreement between FORUT and Norad.

«Investing in knowledge and health services where needed is about securing basic human rights for all, but also about creating a safer world. We are never stronger than the weakest link, something COVID-19 reminded us of. Norway therefore contributes to strengthening health systems and sustainable development,» says Tvinnereim.

Needs More Supporters

FORUT must contribute 10 percent of the agreement’s project budgets themselves. With a new and larger agreement, the organisation must therefore also raise more money than today.

«We are grateful for all good supporters, regular donors, and participants in our campaigns that make our work possible, and we welcome more to join,» says Hagen.

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