Global Hangover

Swedish journalist Pierre Andersson has investigated the effects of globalization of alcohol. His conclusion in the newly published book «Global Hangover» is simple: alcohol is an obstacle to development.

There are thousands of aid projects throughout the world that aim to fulfil the eight Millenium Development Goals. Sadly the part played by alcohol is often overlooked. Nations with weak economies and new, unstable democracies are poorly equipped to deal with the problems caused by alcohol at different levels of society. Poor countries often lack alcohol policies to protect their nations and citizens from the aggressive marketing and sales tactics of the alcohol industry. These tactics are among the issues that are portrayed in the booklet.

Global Hangover points out that alcohol is ranked number five among risk factors for premature death and disability according to WHO. Alcohol causes about four percent of the total burden of disease in the world. Andersson has included in the book a view on the globalization of alcohol and how the global industry is looking for new markets, using aggressive marketing tactics to reach them. He also portrays how alcohol links in with other development issues like gender and HIV/AIDS and is a policy issue linked to trade (WTO and GATS) as well as an object for industry lobby activities.

Global Hangover is published jointly by IOGT International, the Swedish IOGT-NTO International Institute and NBV. Contact Jenny Gustafsson on to order the book or call 0046 31 3382873.

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