RESET Alcohol Partner Meeting in Mexico

Øystein Bakke from FORUT were among the representatives from the Global Alcohol Policy Alliance (GAPA) at the recent partner-meeting for the RESET Alcohol initiative. The meeting focused on progress in project countries and the strong evidence for alcohol taxation as a win-win measure to reduce alcohol harm and generate revenue.

RESET Alcohol is a three-year initiative aiming to reduce harm from alcohol consumption in selected countries through policy measueres. Smart policies can reset the environment and reduce the health and social burden of alcohol.

The RESET Alcohol initiative brings together national governments, civil society, research organizations and global leaders to advance three policies—alcohol taxation, marketing and availability—from the World Health Organization’s SAFER package for reducing the health, social and economic harms of alcohol. It is led by Vital Strategies in collaboration with Movendi International, the Tobacconomics team at Johns Hopkins University, GAPA, NCD Alliance, and World Health Organization.

Read more at GAPA’s website.

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