Call for tenders, endline survey 2022-2023

FORUT – Campaign for Solidarity and Development – hereby invites tenders for an endline survey to be carried out in 2022-2023.

FORUT invites tenders regarding:

Endline survey of FORUT’s 5-year development programme cycle (2019-2023)

As part of the 5-year programme cycle, FORUT and partners will conduct a survey in late 2022 and beginning of 2023, as a follow-up of the baseline survey from 2018. The aim of this endline survey is to see the change/impact we and our partner organisations have made since 2018 on the indicators that were part of the baseline survey, and which are included in the FORUT RFF. The results will be part of the annual report for 2022 and submitted by May 2023.

The tender documents can be downloaded here:

  1. Call for Tender
  2. Terms of Reference

Tenders are to be submitted by email to:

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